yes dance






Deeply superficial.


yes dance premiered in 2013 in the Melbourne Fringe festival.


In a fluctuating exchange between the deeply kinetic and the superficial, yes dance explodes pop choreographies to look deeper into surfaces, while the performers playfully navigate their potential for choice, impulse, error, sensation, and individuality. 


yes dance is a platform to discover live the effect of following our sensory intuition through choreography, and how we might 

simultaneously be unified and singular.




Choreography/Direction: Rennie 



Performers: Harrison Hall, Leah Landau, Rennie McDougall


Sydney Producer: Maria White




Melbourne Fringe 2013

28 September - 5 October

The Warehouse, Artshouse

North Melbourne


Sydney Fringe 2014

16 - 20 September

Dickson St Space



yes dance has been supported by Chunky Move's Maximised program.






Images by Lucy Parakhina

Copyright Rennie McDougall 2015