Thoughts are Circular premiered in 2011, commissioned by Lucy Guerin Inc. for Pieces for Small Spaces. 


Thoughts are Circular is one half of a collaboration with Rebecca Jensen and her solo Within an Inner.


Both artists developed their works separately. The artists then fused their works into one identical solo, which they performed back to back as separate works.


Thoughts are Circular and Within and Inner are experiments in shared authorship and ownership through performance.





Choreography: Rennie McDougall & Rebecca Jensen


Performed by: Rennie McDougall


Production Manager: Roxzan Bowes, Savannah Adshead


Lighting design: Bluebottle


Curated by: Lucy Guerin Inc.




Pieces for Small Spaces 2011

6 - 10 September

Lucy Guerin Inc. studios

West Melbourne






Thoughts are Circular






Images by Vincent Long & Ashley McCloud

Copyright Rennie McDougall 2015