SUPERTONE premiered in 2012 in the Next Wave festival in Melbourne.


SUPERTONE is an embodiment of imagined virtual realities. It is a hyper saturation of tonality between colour, body and sound. Five performers reclaim the performance space by physically manifesting imagined environments based in sensory deception, from the Wizard of Oz to pornography, overloading their physical information to the point of mania. 




Choreography/Direction: Rennie McDougall


Performers: Paula Lay, Rennie McDougall, Lily Paskas, James Shannon, Lilian Steiner


Sound design: Simon Charles


Lighting Design: Rose Connors-Dance & Kris Chainey


Costume: Rebecca Jensen


Producer: Kristy Ayre




Next Wave 2012

22 - 27 May

Trades Hall, New Ballroom




SUPERTONE was developed through Next Wave's Kickstart program 2011.




SUPERTONE was made possible by the generous supported of Arts Victoria, the City of Melbourne and the Australia Council for the Arts, as well as Lucy Guerin Inc. and Chunky Move's Maximised program.











Images by Pia Johnson

Copyright Rennie McDougall 2015