Kingdom premiered in 2015 as part of Dance Massive festival in Melbourne.


Kingdom is a choreographic collaboration 

between Phillip Adams, Luke George, Matthew Day and Rennie McDougall, commissioned and presented by Phillip Adams BalletLab. 


Penetrating each other’s artistic territories, with hierarchies contested and maps continually redrawn, Kingdom is an encounter with the artist's ideas of Otherness. The work of art, the choreography of work, queer literatures dismantled, streams of consciousness rendered, a noise choir, entanglements of orgasmic breathing, ecstatic energy, radical intimacies, a manifestation of gold.



Rennie McDougall's Program Note

I am connecting to histories of men who sat around discussing art and philosophy. I am participating in this now with three other men in Kingdom. I am looking for an alternative to the authoritative power of knowledge. I am obsessing over speech as an action. I am thinking ‘How does a thought dance?’


I am we. We are dancing our thinking. We are transitory, fluid, musical. We are 

choreographing literatures. We are not necessarily serious about any of this, but we are taking this very seriously.


I want to explain myself. Language fails me. My mouth makes a weird shape. I make a sound that means nothing in particular. Words pour out in the wrong order. I make nonsense.





Choreographers/Performers/Designers: Phillip Adams, Matthew Day, Luke George, Rennie McDougall


Lighting designers: Paul Jackson, Danny Pettingill


Crown designers: Paul Yore, Devon Ackerman


Wardrobe Consultant: Geoffrey Watson


Concept and Curation: Phillip Adams BalletLab



Dance Massive 2015

18 - 22 March

Artshouse Meat Market

North Melbourne



Phillip Adams BalletLab commissioned Rennie McDougall, Matthew Day and Luke George to co-create Kingdom.














Copyright Rennie McDougall 2015

Images by Sarah Walker